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Here’s what I know.

I am a plumber’s daughter. The child of a father who spent most of his life figuring out how to do things for himself, and who found it incredibly important to pass that trait on to his one and only daughter.

I spent a lot of time as a child doing things for him under the guise that I was his ‘sous chef’ or his ‘apprentice’ or his ‘mechanical/automotive/grocery store special assistant’, when he was really just fooling me into helping him with some task he could never get me to do by simply asking me for help.

(I was a brat, let’s be honest, but aren’t we all?)

But, surprise surprise, through all of his covert tactics, I actually learned something. Quite a bit really. Like that I like having a pot of something on the stove on Sundays because making food from scratch tastes better, or that I can change my own damn car battery if I just follow the instructions, or that not blowing my entire paycheck on lipstick is a good idea. (I’m still struggling with that last one)

So I figured why not share what I’ve learned from my dear old dad with the world. And why not share other things that I’ve learned along the way. I’ve got lots of good stuff, people!

So strap yourself in (safety first) and come along for the ride. Be my ‘sous chef,’ if you will. Maybe you’ll learn something, maybe you won’t, but I can promise that it will at least be an entertaining journey.

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