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makeup monday: my go-to hair tools.

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OK. So technically, this post is not about makeup. Sorry. Hair falls into the larger category of ‘Beauty’, but ‘Beauty Monday’ just doesn’t sound as good, so here we are. Really glad we covered that.

The topic of hair, however, is one that I am just as willing to spend hours discussing, so I thought sharing the secrets to my good hair day would be helpful to you, dear readers. I don’t use these products and tools everyday (I don’t think I’ll ever be one of those girls who looks like she just left the salon every time you see her), but when I want a great bouncy/wavy blowout look, these are my tried and true.

A good blow dryer: I’m a big fan of my T3 (and not just because it was the key purchase that launched me into the upper echelons of Sephora’s loyalty program), but there are plenty of other ‘professional grade’ brands out there that will do the trick. The price tag might seem high, but if there’s one place to spend money on your hair, it’s here. I find that this dryer takes less time to dry my hair and I get smoother results. If you’re someone who blow dries their hair every day, this is even more important, as it will do less long term damage to your hair. The T3 also comes in travel size, which if you’re willing to live without a few extra features, achieves the same results for less money.

A boar bristle brush: As someone with naturally curly hair, I try not to brush my hair too often, as I find that it creates frizz. When I do brush my hair, however, I reach for the boar bristle brush. Because the boar bristles help to distribute the natural oils in your hair from your scalp through your hair cuticle, it polishes and smoothes the hair to encourage a glossy shine. I also find that it’s a great tool to use to help straighten those little wispy curls around my face. The bristles really grab onto the hair so I can easily get to them with my blow dryer.

A ceramic curling iron: For me, this is what takes my hair from blah to huzzah. After I blow dry, I curl my hair away from my face in 1 inch sections over my entire head. I let my hair cool, spritz with hairspray, then run my brush through it and it’s good to go. This step helps my ‘do stay all day, and I can usually stretch it to day two (or three) with some dry shampoo and a little re-curl of sections that may have fallen flat.

Good quality hair products: When I want a big and bouncy look that will last all day, I rely on three products — volumizing spray, smoothing oil, and hairspray. The volumizing spray, applied to the root of the hair when it’s wet, helps to get good height and bounce as you dry (not, like, Texas beauty queen height, but close enough). The smoothing oil, applied when hair is dry, smoothes (obvi) the hair and helps control flyaways and frizz. This is especially helpful on humid days, aka the entire New York summer. And hairspray, applied at the very end to set the hair, helps keep your style in place all day.

If you’re looking for some tips on how to perfect an at-home blow out, check out this video. With these tips and the tools & products above, you’ll have salon quality hair in no time!

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