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rock your friday: songs of summer.

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When one goes to the islands, one must have a soundtrack. Something easy and light — this is not the time for melancholy tunes; this is the time for pop-filled melodies¬†with a beat that go well with a breeze and fruity cocktails. These are the songs that scream summer; they might be overplayed, yes, but would I be jazzed if they came on in the bar where I was enjoying a mai tai and watching another mind-blowing Hawaiian sunset? Definitely.

I speak from experience when I say that this little ditty is also suitable for rooftop pools and backyard BBQs and the morning subway commute. So grab that coconut rum, throw on a caftan and shake that tail feather. It’s summa summa summa-time.

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All cocktails should come with pineapple. Like, as a rule.


rock your tuesday: travelin’ tunes.

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Greetings from 30,000 feet, somewhere over Washington State. After a glorious week in Idaho, I’m headed back to civilization via a long cross-country jaunt (my fortune for a teleportation machine). I don’t know about you, but when I travel, I would go absolutely bonkers without a soundtrack (and I don’t mean crying babies and hacking coughs). Seriously, forgetting my headphones is up there in my top five travel nightmares; I spend way too much time curating my playlists for them to go to waste.

And when it comes to my music preferences when traveling, I gravitate towards any music that makes me feel like I’m on an epic road trip…which usually means some form of 70s classic rock (I told you I had a thing for the Eagles). It just makes me feel like I’m in a Jeep on the open road, sun shining and wind in my hair, miles to go before I sleep (even when I’m actually stuck in a stuffy flying tube that smells like salami next to a guy who has a death grip on the armrest and is an overly loud mouth breather). Life, man.

So while I’m bouncing back and forth between coasts (jaunt number two of four in the next week, uf), I’ll be grooving to the below and wishing for the wind in my hair. Hope your Tuesday is a-rockin’!


rock your friday: best of the 90s.

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Ever have one of those nights that starts as ‘just a glass of wine’ and then all of a sudden it’s after midnight and you’re multiple bottles in and your friend’s husband is playing DJ for an impromptu 90s alt rock dance party? No? OK then.

I had one of those nights last night, in fact I had that exact night last night, and it was amazing. Not only for the good company but also because it reinvigorated my love of 90s music. And by 90s music, I mean that angsty, flannel-y, guitar-heavy sound that got me through my teen years (oh, the drama). You can have your Janet and your Britney and your Natalie Imbruglia. I’ll stick with Oasis and the Goo Goo Dolls and Collective Soul (Collective Soul! Totally forgot about you, sorry guys). Who am I kidding, I’ll take all of it. Hashtag child of the 90s.

I’m still rocking to these sweet tunes today and I wouldn’t be surprised if they stay in heavy rotation for awhile (thanks in part to a late-night playlist generation session via Spotify). I’m not one to hide my music from the world either, so take a listen to¬†the playlist below. My guess is you’ll be tapping your foot along with me. Or head banging. Or drinking wine and dancing around your apartment singing Black Hole Sun at the top of your lungs. All of these are great options for a rockin’ Friday night.