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makeup monday: my favorite nail colors for fall.


It’s September, y’all! Welcome. The start of my very favorite season is ramping up, and I just can’t wait for sweater weather and apple picking and Fall festivals on small town streets. It’s still 90 degrees out but WHATEV. It’s all Fall, all the time here at Plumber’s Daughter.

And with the turn in the seasons, so follows the turn in my beauty color palette — especially when it comes to my nails. It’s like my brain flips a switch on September 1 and I no longer crave the corals and oranges and pinks of the summer season; I want something dark and brooding, something with a little edge. Even if I’m going nude (on my nails, people, on my NAILS), I want it to feel distinctly seasonal.

For this fall, I’m really feeling the jewel tones (for those of you who know me well, this should not be a surprise). Whether a juicy shade of winey plum or a navy so dark it’s almost black, I love the impact a darker nail can have. Polish with an edge (pun intended). This time of year is also when I go for the metallics; not the bright sparkly golds or silvers you might see around the holidays, but the ‘dirty’, antique gold shades, ones with a hint of green in them. If you’re a bit more color averse than I am, nudes are still a great option for Fall, but go for something warmer, less pink more sandy brown. And if you’re looking to buck the trend while sticking with the season, try a bright orangey-red; it’s unexpected but still pairs well with flannels and over the knee boots.

Whether you’re willing to throw down some cash for your fingers and toes, or if you want a pop of color without the price tag, here are my favorite colors for Fall and my recommendations at every price point.

If you’re feelin’ fancy…

 If you want the biggest bang for your buck…

What about you? What are you rocking for the Fall season? 


makeup monday: the best drugstore makeup for summer.

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Let’s face it, makeup in the summertime can be a challenge. You’re trying to look your prettiest while also dealing with hundred degree temperatures and stifling humidity and constant transitions from the sweltering out of doors to the overly air conditioned indoors (that’s my life, at least, just living my truth). What this typically means is that I wear as little makeup as possible while still maintaining a polished look, so there’s less chance of my makeup ending up on the floor. Or my dress. Or my hands. Or my iced coffee.

Sometimes this also means I lean on my drugstore favorites this time of year, since I don’t feel as bad when I have to reapply my $7 lipstick a few times vs. wasting my $50 one (oh hey Tom Ford, heart you). So what do I grab from the drugstore aisle for that summertime look? Why, these goodies right here, of course, all with a less than $10 price tag.

Maybelline Color Tattoo Eye Shadow ($6.99)

When it comes to wearing eye shadow in the summer, I look for something that provides maximum impact (and maximum staying power) with minimum effort. With heat and humidity at play, your eyeshadow can quite easily slide right off your lids, which, let’s be honest, ain’t pretty. Nobody intends to look like ‘the morning after’ when they head out the door to start their day…but that’s a reality if you don’t use products that can hang in there for the long haul.

That’s why, for summer, I love cream eyeshadows. The Maybelline Color Tattoo eyeshadows, which admittedly bear a rather unsettling name, are amazing — they’re highly pigmented so a little goes a long way, they glide on smoothly, and they stick around all day and night with minimal touch ups (which also means you can wear them without primer). I love this for summer when I want my makeup to be minimal; I can apply with just my finger, and with a bit of blending, I’m ready to face the day.

Almay Wake Up Under Eye Concealer ($8.99)

If I was ever forced to choose only three beauty products to use for the rest of my life (oh, the horror!), concealer would be one of them (the other two would be mascara and lipstick…but that’s another blog post). There is no better way to look awake and refreshed than with a touch of under eye concealer. Whether it’s the morning after one too many summer cocktails or a sleepless night with a restless baby or it’s just morning…again…ugh; concealer packs the right punch to brighten up those peepers and erase that sleepless night. In the summertime, especially, it’s one of the best ways to pull off the ‘no makeup’ makeup look while still completely covering any unsightly bags or dark circles.

If I’m going to trade in my Touche Éclat for a more budget-friendly option (which, if I’m being honest, does not happen very often), I generally really like what Almay has to offer. They use the same brush applicator as high-end brands, and I find the product blends smoothly and matches my skin well. I also use this as a highlight under my brow bone and on the top of my cheek bone to add a little extra dimension to my look.

Nyx Rouge Cream Blush ($6.00)

Oh, cream blush, let me write you seventeen songs about why I love you. For a girl with dry skin, cream blush is just a dream. It goes on easily, it blends well, and it adds the perfect pop of color while not highlighting my dryness like a powdered blush would. I tend to use cream blushes year round because of this, but I find they really shine in the summer.

Nyx is a great option in this category because their highly pigmented cream blushes add great color and they stay put all day long. Easy to apply with just a finger, they also come in a range of shades to suit all skin tones (my favorites are Tickled and Rose Petal, I find them to be the most versatile). They’re the ticket to that dewy, fresh-faced look that works day or night.

Maybelline Volum’Express Falsies Big Eyes Waterproof Mascara ($9.49)

Longest mascara name everrrrrrrrr. Despite the mouthful, however, this mascara is my jam. It coats my paltry lashes easily and makes ’em big and lashy without clumping, and it’s also really, really black, which I love; I find it difficult to find mascara that is truly black from the drugstore aisles.The waterproof formula keeps everything in place, which is paramount in the summer with all the humidity and the sweating…nobody wants their mascara running down their face after five minutes on a sweltering subway platform. I also really like that it still uses a natural fiber wand — many brands have switched over to a plastic or silicone wand, and my very sensitive eyes do not enjoy them. This wand is soft and gentle but still applies the product precisely where I want it, and nowhere else.

If that weren’t enough, this mascara also includes a separate ‘baby wand’ perfect for your bottom lashes or the lashes in the inner corner of your eye, which is also great for adding a little extra oomph to your lashes without applying an entire new coat.

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter ($7.49)

For lip products in the summertime, I tend to go for things that provide as much moisturizing properties as they do pops of color. I also like products with a more sheer finish, as I feel they are more seasonally appropriate (I don’t completely abandon my full color lip, but they are mostly reserved for nighttime outings).

All of these desires are easily attained using my Revlon Lip Butters. They are the perfect blend of lip balm and lip gloss, with the pigmentation of a lipstick. So you get your color and your moisture and your shine all in one, and they come in approximately a bazillion colors (a scientific number…my favorites are Pink Truffle and Peach Parfait). Since they’re so cheap, I tend to keep one in every bag I own so they’re always close at hand. Given their sheer formula, they’re not going to stick it out through a meal or a session of heavy petting (my absolute favorite euphemism for kissing), but they’re low maintenance enough that you don’t even need a mirror to reapply.

So, what about you? What are your summertime drugstore go-tos that keep you looking fresh and pretty?